Colorado HipStik Deodorant

formerly Colorado PItStik! - Handcrafted, Healthy Deodorant that lasts ALL day. NO Aluminum, GMO's or Junk.

 Each tin/stik lasts 2 to 3 months.


About Our Homemade Deodorant

  • Hi, ya'll! I'm Kris and becoming a nursing mother led me to ask myself, "What's in my deodorant & is it safe?" Because I mean let's face it, as every nursing mommy knows - your pits are the best little baby hand-warmers around! So imagine my shock to discover the terrible, horrible, very bad things that are allowed in conventional deodorant! It actually made me cringe to think of my brand new perfect little baby touching and (oh please -no!!) possibly eating this stuff!! Conventional deo had to go -and NOW!

  • In our search for a healthy deodorant that actually worked, my husband and I tried everything from natural popular store brands to deodorant crystals. And NOTHING worked! Frustration led to enlightenment, and after A LOT of trial and error (ask us about the batch that actually MADE you stink, haha... ) we made our own natural deodorant that really did WORK!! Fast forward 4 years with another perfect little baby on the way, and we asked ourselves, "Who else cares about what they put on their pits & how many people even know about the terrible, horrible very bad things that could be lurking in their deo?"

  • If you've been looking for a healthy deodorant that really works all day (through hot climates, sweaty workouts, important nerve-wracking job interviews..) with no harsh side effects.. CONGRATULATE YOURSELF!!! Because you've (finally) found it!  =)